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Information on the Checking-out Service of the Regional Resource Centers of the Public Library
i. Available Service
  All public library patrons can use the system to search for material and check out individual items.
ii. Checking out materials
  1. You can check out materials only with your own card. When using the card of a member of your immediate family to check out items, you are required to fill out an application form and show a letter of authorization from the family member and a copy of his/her ID as proof.
  2. You can check out up to 10 items for up to 30 days without renewal.
  3. The checked-out items may only be used in accordance with copyright regulations.
  4. Patrons under 18 cannot check out restricted materials.
  5. When checking out material, you need to determine whether the material is damaged or marked to avoid being fined upon returning borrowed material.
  6. All checked-out items can be returned to any public library in the system.
  7. Reference books and other non-circulating items may not be borrowed.
iii. Reservation Service
  1. Patrons of the public library can reserve items from the library’s collection with their library cards.
  2. Each card member may reserve up to 5 items.
  3. When reserving items, you should check those items out within three days after receiving the notice from the library. If you do not borrow these items within the limited time, a point will be deducted for each unchecked item. If three points are deducted within a year, you will be prohibited from making any reservations for 60 days.
iv. Fines and Library Card Suspension
  1. Checked-out materials must be returned to the library before the due date. Any over-due item will cause the suspension of the library card until the over-due item is returned with fine paid, ending the suspension.
  2. For each over-due day per item, the card will be suspended for one day, which will not exceed 60 days.
  3. You are responsible for the condition of materials you borrow. Any damaged, marked, mutilated or lost materials must be replaced with a new copy and a fine will be imposed.
  4. If a new copy cannot be purchased, you must pay a fine determined by the library.
  5. If the person responsible is a minor or dependent, his/her legal guardian is liable for any fines/replacements.
v. Delivery Fee for Inter-library Loan
  All delivery fees are currently being paid by the library thanks to a subsidy from the MOE. In the future, if the subsidy is suspended, the fee is to be paid by the patron who checks out the item.
vi. The above regulations were approved at a meeting of representatives from all participating libraries and may be revised at a future meeting.