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How many books can I borrow? What about visual and audio materials?
Every patron with a valid library card can borrow up to 10 items (including visual and audio materials) for a maximum of 30 days (no renewals).
What is the penalty for any overdue material?
For over-due material, the patron’s library card will be suspended for each over-due day up to 60 days.
How do I know when to pick up a reserved item?
After making a reservation online, you can pick up the material at the library of your choice. When the item has arrived at the designated library, the library will issue a notice for you to pick it up. You can also look up the status of the reserved item on your personal record.
How many items can I reserve?
You can reserve no more than five items with your library card.
Can I change the library location to pick up a reserved item?
You can change the designated library in your reservation record if the item is not en route. But if the status of the reserved item is marked as “en route”, then you cannot change the designated library.
Can I check the processing status of my request?
You can check the processing status online through the Public Library Resource Sharing Service Plarform (http://rrcils.ncl.edu.tw/nclrrcc/RRCrq): Log in to “My Account” and click " Booking record" to check your order status.
I live in Tainan County. If I check out items from the Taoyuan District Resource Center, do I need to pay for delivery?
Currently, the delivery fee is covered by a subsidy from the MOE. But in the future, if the subsidy is suspended, you will have to pay the delivery fee.
Can I return a book picked-up at a convenience store to the library?
You can return books either at the convenience store or the library.
When I look up material from the resource centers on my computer, the font suddenly appears in a square frame. What should I do?
It’s possible that the abnormal display appears because there’s no Burmese in the system. You can download Burmese fonts first.
What should I do if I encounter problems with the Public Library Resource Sharing Service Platform?
Please contact the original issuing library of your library card or e-mail us at rrc22@ncl.edu.tw .